RMP Development Consulting Limited prides itself on providing common sense, solution oriented services to our Clients to assist in delivering profitable and timely development projects.

Development Consulting

service1Real estate development requires a comprehensive analysis, coordinated approach and numerous government approvals.

RMP Development Consulting Limited offers strategic advice and recommendations on project approach to achieve a successful project.

Services include development site identification, land analysis to identify development constraints and opportunities, analysis of zoning and generalized future land use, project feasibility, highest and best use analysis, project risk evaluation and mitigation, cost analysis and government approval requirements.

Project Management

service2Real estate development requires the coordination of numerous tasks, designers, contractors and approval agencies to work in unison to deliver a timely and successful project.

RMP Development Consulting Limited offers project management services to oversee all the required tasks on behalf of the client.

Services include coordinating site acquisition, development consulting, feasibility analysis, expediting government approvals, coordinating public engagement, preconstruction services, managing contractors, project handover and coordination of sales and marketing.

Pre-construction Services

service2Prior to undertaking the construction of a real estate development project there are a number of tasks that should be taken to ensure the successful delivery of the project.

RMP Development Consulting Limited offers pre-construction services to properly prepare for the delivery of a development project.

Services include feasibility analysis, cost estimates, design coordination, planning, scheduling, tendering and award.

Feasibility Analysis

service2Real estate development projects require an objective analysis to determine the feasibility and determine whether the project will meet the financial returns desired by the client for its time and investment.

RMP Development Consulting Limited offers feasibility analysis to determine the risks and potential returns for a project.

Services include strength, weakness, opportunity and threat (SWOT) analysis and review of cost estimates, project duration, site conditions, planning regulations, potential returns and market conditions.

RMP Development Consulting Limited Common Sense, Solution Oriented, Client Focused

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